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  • Pilgrimage to our Lady of Guadalupe & Religious Tour in Mexico: Mexico City-Puebla-Taxco & Acapulco

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    During this trip you will be amazed by wide range of beautiful landscapes and coexisting traditions.  You will be captivated by  the splendor of baroque churches, religiosity and hospitality of local Indians. Guadalupe is the largest Marian shrine in the world. Mother of God each year is visited by nearly 20 million people, those who wish to give her thanks for personal protection and love.

    Country: Mexico
    Length: 7 days
    Price: $ 1,598.00 CAD + 240.00 Tax/Fees per person based on double occupancy, taxes may change
    Next Date: 8 Dec 2014
    Last Date: 8 Dec 2014

  • United Arab Emirates and Oman

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    Marvel at the glittering gold on display in the Gold Souk in Dubai or enjoy a rolling camel ride into the desert, where you can feast on a BBQ cooked under the twinkling stars.

    Country: United Arab Emirates
    Length: 8 days
    Price: $ 2,999.00 CAD + 454.00 Tax/Fees based on double occupancy
    Next Date: 30 Jan 2015
    Last Date: 30 Jan 2015

  • Seniors group tour to Cuba.

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    Resting on the golden shores of Holguin, the Club Amigo Guardalavaca Village has been a long-time favourite of canadians and it's easy to see way. From its warm and welcoming staff, to the multiple restaurants, energetic activities program and comfortable accommodations, the club Amigo is a great choice for a refreshing escape.

    Other dates might be available. Please contact our office.
    Country: Cuba
    Length: 14 days
    Price: $ 1,028.00 CAD + 180.00 Tax/Fees PER PERSON IN DOUBLE ROOM.
    Next Date: 15 Feb 2015
    Last Date: 15 Feb 2015

  • Magical India and Nepal.

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    India a country so steeped in tradition and culture; so rich in values and heritage, a colourful place, where the number of festivals outweigh the number of days in a year. It is bound by the Earth's largest mountains, the Himalayas to the North, and the crisp sandy beaches of the South, to the tropical rainforests and sandy deserts in between. Timeless monuments erected by ancient civilizations and their rulers are also spread all over the vast lands of this unforgettable, magical place.

    We invite you to join us on a journey to this land before time. To this place - this World which seems to have been frozen still in time, but still moves forward as one of the fastest growing countries of the World. We invite you to join us in an epic, unforgettable journey to Incredible India.

    Price"EARLY BIRD" valid until 20 January 2015!!!

    Country: India
    Length: 16 days
    Price: $ 3,399.00 CAD + 725.58 Tax/Fees PER PERSON IN DOUBLE ROOM.
    Next Date: 8 Apr 2015
    Last Date: 8 Apr 2015

  • Pilgrimage to Turkey

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    The Seven Churches of the Revelation  Pilgrimage.
    Country: Turkey
    Length: 13 days
    Price: $ 2,588.00 CAD + 596.00 Tax/Fees based on double occupancy, taxes are subject to change
    Next Date: 24 Apr 2015
    Last Date: 24 Apr 2015

  • Spain and Portugal

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    Although geographically side by side, Portugal and Spain are two very different countries. During this 14 days tour we will take you from Lisbon to Barcelona in an intense and rich cultural tour.

    Early Bird price until end of December 2014 

    Country: Spain
    Length: 14 days
    Price: $ 3,399.00 CAD + 598.00 Tax/Fees price based on double occupancy, taxes are subject to change
    Next Date: 14 May 2015
    Last Date: 14 May 2015

  • Pilgrimage to Italy

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    This pilgrimage is conducted in polish. Please visit our website in polish for details. 
    Country: Italy
    Length: 10 days
    Price: $ 2,469.00 CAD + 496.00 Tax/Fees
    Next Date: 17 May 2015
    Last Date: 17 May 2015

  • 7-day Alaska Cruise

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    Catch your breath as ice-blue glaciers thunder and crash. Savor a salmon bake, take a wildlife cruise, try dogsledding and enjoy totem-pole gazing.


    Country: United States
    Length: 7 days
    Price: $ 1,935.00 CAD + 385.00 Tax/Fees price per person in cabin based on double, taxes are subject to change
    Next Date: 15 Jul 2015
    Last Date: 15 Jul 2015

  • Las Vegas, Death Valley, Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon

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    Polimex invites you to experience Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, and its surrounding landmarks. We will then tour the hottest valley in the United States, Death Valley, and enjoy the panoramic views of Bryce Canyon.


    Tour conducted only in polish. Please visit polish version of this website for details.

    Country: United States
    Length: 7 days
    Price: $ 0.00 CAD p/p based on double
    Next Date: 27 Sep 2015
    Last Date: 27 Sep 2015

  • The Many Wonders of China.

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    China is simply too much – too vast, too busy, too complex to fit neatly into the space of a few words. It is the massive stone wall spread along the spine of China, the little girl in the pink dress sitting on her grandfather’s lap in Beijing park, the sweet serenity of the Empress’ summer palace, and the Yangtze River that carries a nation on its broad back. At the same time, the country’s grand legacy has been forged from momentous civilizations and phenomenal human achievements:  the magnificent Forbidden City with its 9,999 rooms; Tiananmen Square, said to have space to hold one million people; Xian’s army of clay warriors.

    This tour will be offered in October 2015. Price to be added.    

    Look for details on the Polish version of this site.


    Country: China
    Length: 12 days
    Price: Please Call
    Next Date: Please Call

  • Naleczow

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    "Ksiaze Jozef" health resort is beautifully and picturesquely situated sanatorium, in the center of the Spa Park, overlooking the pond, a historic building with renovated interiors. Sanatorium offers single and double rooms and a suite with a terrace. The building has an elevator, rehabilitation center, dining room, laboratory analysis and cryogenic chamber. All rooms with private bathroom and equipped with telephone, radio, satellite TV & kettle.
    Country: Poland
    Length: 14 days
    Price: Please Call
    Next Date: Please Call

  • Pilgrimage to Israel & Jordan

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    This tour is conducted in polsih language. Please see the polish version of our website.
    Country: Israel
    Length: 11 days
    Price: Please Call
    Next Date: Please Call

  • Marseille-Nice & Aix En Provence

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    Explore the historical port of Marseille, France’s oldest city, followed by a beach stay on the famed French Riviera, in the jet-set city of Nice. You’ll also discover the wealth and beauty of Monaco and Eze, and enjoy a dose of Provençal culture, history and gastronomy in Aix-en-Provence.

    Departures available on MONDAYS between May - October, 2014 

     Package starts from 1299.00 p/p based on double occupancy + 580.00 taxes and fees to be added

    *taxes may change* 

    Country: France
    Length: 9 days
    Price: Please Call
    Next Date: Please Call

  • The Best of Lisbon

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    This City Package was designed to help you discover Lisbon, the capital and largest city of Portugal.


    Departures available on Mondays & Saturdays between May – October, 2014.


    Package starts from 1399.00 p/p based on double occupancy + 480.00 taxes and fees to be added.

    *taxes ma change*


    Country: Portugal
    Length: 9 days
    Price: Please Call
    Next Date: Please Call